Winning Science Fair Projects

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Mvc-004x.jpg (187613 bytes)
3rd Grade Individual 
Grand Prize
Madelyn Damewood-Rose
Making Fresh Roses Last Longer

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4th Grade Individual 
Grand Prize
Maggie Strange
Slip Sliding Away

Mvc-007x.jpg (146210 bytes)
5th Grade Individual 
First Place
James Richardson
A Puff of Smoke

Mvc-001x.jpg (138001 bytes)
5th Grade Individual
Grand Prize
Franz Kogler
Black is not Black

Mvc-002x.jpg (174645 bytes)
3rd Grade Team
Grand Prize
Hunter Moore & Ryan Mathews
Hungry, Hungry Hamster
Mvc-003x.jpg (180319 bytes)
4th Grade Team Project 
Grand Prize
Ametis Bassier & Donna Ferris
Icy, It Melts
Mvc-008x.jpg (170006 bytes)
5th Grade Team
First Place
Daniel Rubinstein & Danijel Vehabovic
Meter Madness
Mvc-005x.jpg (104509 bytes)
5th Grade Team 
Grand Prize
Melissa Meyer & Megan Gaw
Pay for Ray Protection

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