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Barbara Bush Elementary School opened at mid-term in 1992 in far west Houston. The attendance zone is an interesting mix of well-established neighborhoods (20+ years old), new construction, and open land that is under development. Since the school opened, several subdivisions of single family dwellings and four apartment complexes have been built. During the five-year period, enrollment has risen from 500 to 900+. Capping and overcrowding have become obstacles to maintaining the record of academic excellence and parental involvement established at Bush.

Bush is a neighborhood school; that serves the students living within the attendance zone. The ethnicity of the student group is:

White 70%, Hispanic 13%, Asian 9%, African American 8%


Bush offers a number of programs to meet the special needs of its population. The Special Education Department includes: Multi-Impaired, Life Skills, Pre School Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD - Kindergarten) Resource, Speech, and OT/PT.

The instructional program is diversified and exciting. It is a balance of tried and true methods such as the systematic teaching of phonics along with newer more holistic approaches to learning. Students are grouped heterogeneously, except for SIGHTS classes at each level. All students benefit from specialists in P.E., music, computer, art, and math.

Bush has evolved from using a totally self-contained format to the use of teacher specialists in reading, math, and science in grades 3-5. Simple exchange is used so that all students on the grade level can benefit from the specialists.

In 1993-94, Bush was rated in the Recognized category by the state. In 1994-95, 1995-96, 1996-97, and 1997-98 the school was rated as Exemplary. Bush is also ranked Exemplary in the HISD accountability system.

Bush has a small population of students classified as Limited English Proficient (LEP). About one half of this group is Spanish speaking. Bush has an ESL certified teacher at every grade level to meet the needs of the LEP students.

One of the strong assets of the school is the supportive parent base. The school began with a high spirit of parental ownership and involvement. That ownership has continued and grown. It is evident in the 800+ volunteer hours donated each month and in the "standing room" only crowds at every school event that Bush parents are involved parents.





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Shared Decision-Making Committee

The Shared Decision-Making Committee is called the Bush Excellence Committee (BEC). It is composed of six (6) teachers, three (3) professional staff members, three (3) parents (one from PTO Board) two (2) community representatives and one (1) non instructional staff member.

Members serve a two-year term and are elected by secret ballot in accordance with Board Policy.

The BEC is composed of three standing committees and Ad Hoc task forces.

The BEC addresses planning, curriculum, staffing patterns, staff development, budget allocations, policies concerning student dress, conduct and extra curricular activities. The committee addresses these areas by hearing and acting upon concerns brought forth as agenda items by teachers, subcommittees, parents, community members and the principal.



The goals are to improve and maintain student achievement. All regular education students will score at or above 90% on all subtests. Special Education and LEP students will score at or above 80% or all tests.

The parental involvement objective states that the volunteer hours will average 800 hours/per month. A second objective states that all parents will attend at least one conference or function. The community outreach goal involves objectives aimed at strengthening the relationship with our nearest neighbor, Parkway Place Retirement Community.

Goal 1 – To maintain and improve student achievement at Barbara Bush Elementary School.

Objective 1.1 – Regular education students in all subgroups will score at or above 90% on all subtests of the TAAS.

Objective 1.2 – Attendance at Barbara Bush Elementary will be at or above 97.0%

Goal 2 – To improve management efficiency through the use of technology in the classroom.

Objective 2.1 – 100% of Bush teachers will utilize computer technology as part of classroom instruction/record keeping.

Goal 3 – To improve public support and confidence.

Objective 3.1 – Monthly volunteer hours will average at least 800 hours.

Objective 3.2 – Ninety percent of Bush parents will attend at least one teacher conference and/or school function during the school year.

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Objective 3.3 – The number of community organizations and/or businesses that support Bush will be greater when compared with 1998-99.

Goal 4 – An additional goal has been added this year to address issues of violence reduction as well

as safety and wellness in the school setting. Action steps include: D.A.R.E. Program, Character Education, and Parental Involvement Activities.


Target Areas

The target areas for 1999-2000 continue to be math and reading. Action steps addressing the needs of LEP and Special Education students have been added. Although parental involvement remains high, surveys indicated a need to include parent workshops and seminars. The neighborhoods around Bush are rapidly building and becoming populated. There is a need to reach out and involve community members, especially those new to the area.


Major Initiatives and Strategies

In order to increase management efficiency, the entire building will be networked before the opening of the 1999-2000 school year. The goal during the year will be to acquire and upgrade classroom workstations so that every room has a network compatible computer.

Teacher teams and the principal have designated and/or hired teacher specialists in grades 3-5 for math, language arts, and science. Students are involved in a simple exchange format in order to take full advantage of teacher strengths.


Parental Involvement

Historically, parental involvement has been extremely high at Bush. The goal to involve all parents will remain. Emphasis will be placed on diversifying the opportunities and upon crowding issues at scheduled parent events. Parent seminars which were more successful in 1998-99 than in the past will be expanded.


Community Outreach

The objective in this area will be to increase the amount of involvement and participation with the Parkway Place Retirement Community which is located in the Bush attendance zone. This outreach was begun in the 1998-99 school year, but there is much room for growth and expansion.

Compensatory Education Funds


Waiver Aides 3.0

Total 3.0


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