All About Plants- Websites


Student Sites

BBCi Schools: Plants Activity

A good site for students to review plants on their own. Information includes plant parts and their functions and what plants need in order to survive. Information is provided in an interactive way along with a factsheet and test.


Schools Online/My First Garden

An interactive guide to "plan[ning], nurtur[ing], and enjoy[ing] the benefits of a beautiful flower or vegetable garden," "My First Garden" clearly relays the basic steps necessary in creating a garden and provides a detailed "Teacher's Guide. Spanish and English


Schools Online/Trees are Terrific

Interactive, animated website which defines the parts of trees and relays the importance of trees within the ecosystem. Includes detailed "Teacher's Guide" which 1) outlines how "Trees Are Terrific" meets second grade learning goals in science, language arts, and math; 2) preps teachers prepares how to use websites with students; and 3) provides suggestions for related suggestions and areas of study. Spanish and English


Kids World : Plant Nutrition

Plants need certain nutrients to grow well. Find out what plants need, how to care for them, how to read a fertilizer label, and do the fun activities, like a quiz, a puzzle and a coloring book.


Exploring the Secret Life of Trees

An interactive, animated website, describing the various "secrets of trees," including roots, the trunk, branches, and photosynthesis. Includes several learning activities and interesting, yet easy-to-understand, facts and ideas. There is also an extremely helpful "Teacher's Guide." In English and Spanish.


U.S. Geological Survey: Kid's Corner

A collection of games, puzzles, quizzes, and stories about animals and all sorts of nature. Includes coloring pages and links to other kid's sites.


Eduweb's Amazon Interactive

Take a tour of the Ecuadorian Amazon and learn about the people, plants, animals, and environment. Read about the rainforest and the Quichua people who call it home. Then try your hand at running a community-based ecotourism project.

Desert Plants

Learn about the plants that grow in the harsh, dry conditions of a desert.


Great Plant Escape

Learn more about plants and life cycles while solving a mystery. (in Spanish too)


Science 4 Kids

Agricultural Resource Service (ARS) for cool links to bacteria, bugs, and plants that like heavy metal.


A Closer Look at Plants

This Canadian site uses clear diagrams and detailed explanations to explain the parts of a plant and how it grows. Site includes a glossary, an interactive quiz and a section about alien invader plants.


The Botanists In Training Dictionary

What better way to get students started in biology than to have their own "Botanist-in-training" dictionary?


Suzy's World: Photosythesis - How Does a Tree Eat?

Check out this site to learn how plants and trees "eat." Content includes fun facts and great experiment.


Teacher Sites

Enchanted Learning-Plants

Find out all about plants.


KidsGardening Teacher's Resource Room

Explore plants and gardens as educational opportunities. Quality resources, grant updates, activities, horticultural information, and an exchange network are offered at this comprehensive site.

LifeStory Publications: Earth Life Forms

View thousands of wonderful images of all types of animals and plants. Search via a taxonomy tree, geographic location, or alphabetically by scientific or common name. Included for each image are interesting key facts.

Ecosystem Relationships

This lesson plan tells you how to lead students through a brainstorming activity. Assign groups a different plant or animal. Groups discuss relationships their organisms have with other groups. Conclude by suggesting events that might affect the food web.

Cool Science for Cool Kids

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute invites curious kids to explore biology. Dive into a miniature world-without a microscope! Leap into a plant parts salad! Butterflies don't look like caterpillars. What's the connection?

New Scientist: The Last Word

Get scientists' answers to everyday questions about your body, machines, nature, plants, animals, and more!


From Seed to Plant (Lesson Plan)

A detailed lesson plan of activities to follow a plant from seed to a full grown plant. Students will love learning how they grow and why plants are so important to people.


Aggie-Horticulture/School Gardens

Teachers and students interested in finding information on how to start a garden in their school will find this site very helpful. This site, sponsored by the Department of Horticulture Sciences at Texas A&M University, includes a fun page for kids, ideas, curricula and research for Children's Gardens.



This highly animated (almost too animated) site is rich with information and activities pertaining to the rainforest. Although the information is presented at a middle school level, you can select an early reader's format for early elementary students.


Virtual Field Trip: Temperate Forest Biome

Travel with your students on a Virtual Field Trip to learn about Temperate Forest Biomes. You will discover many informative and interactive websites!