Accelerated Reader

Summer Reading Ideas

Beginning Reader 100
(AR 0.6 1.9)

Lexile 200
(AR level 2.0 2.5)

Lexile 300
(AR level 2.5-3.0)

Lexile 400
(AR level 3.5-4.0)

Lexile 500
(AR level 3.5-4.5)

Lexile 600
(AR 4.5-5.0)

Lexile 700
(AR 5.0-5.5)

Lexile 800
(AR 5.0 5.5)

Lexile 900
(AR 6.0-7.0)

AR Store Hours
2:15-2:55 Every Wednesday and Friday
(By grade level, See your child's teacher for details)

Condit uses the Accelerated Reader Program (AR), a national program to encourage the students to read. Our teachers also use the program in class to help monitor students' reading progress.  The students earn points after successfully completing computerized tests over the books they read.  The points can be spent at the AR Store, the glass cases outside the cafeteria, on a variety of merchandise.  In addition, certificates are earned for reaching predetermined point levels by grade.  These levels are tracked by student on the AR wall in the cafeteria.  The top readers are recognized monthly in the Condit Connection and at the end of the year at an awards party.

How the program works:
*  Each student will be tested by their teacher in September and January to determine their reading level.
*  The students then begin reading AR books at or above their reading level which is determined by their Star Reading Test results.  Each AR book has a maximum point value.
When finished with an AR book, the student takes an AR quiz on that book on a computer located either in the child's classrooms or in the  Condit Library.
*  The student receives points based on the number of correct answers on the AR quiz.  The more difficult the book is, the more points it is worth.  Retesting on the same book is not allowed.
* Students with at least an 80% correct answer average on the tests taken to date are allowed to shop on their grade level's shopping days to spend the points they have earned.

Answers to Common Questions:

What is an AR test like?  It's a multiple choice test on the main ideas and characters of the book.  Every question must be answered correctly to earn the maximum points.  Incorrect answers reduce the points earned.  (Example:  A book with a maximum point value of 2.5 might have 10 questions, which makes each question worth .25 points.  If you answer all 10 questions correctly, you earn 2.5 points.  Answering only 8 questions correctly earns 2.0 points.)

How do I find AR books at Condit?: 
The books in the Condit Library are labeled on the spine with the following information:
AR designation
     -The book's reading level
      (Example:  A book marked with a 3.5 would indicate a 3rd Grade, 5th month level.)
     -The book's maximum point value.

How do I find AR books at the Bellaire City Library? 
Select a book you want to read and look it up on the Condit's AR Home Connect .  The library keeps an updated list at the front desk or you can bring your own.  The Condit AR Reading List lists the books accepted in the Condit AR Program.

Who keeps track of my AR points? 
The school computer tracks the tests taken, the points earned and the points spent by the student. 

Should I keep a reading log of my tests taken? 
It is a good idea to keep a reading log of AR books you have read and tested on, including the points earned for each.  You may discuss reading logs with your teacher and how he/she would like you to keep them.

Can I read above my level to earn more points? 
Yes, but only after receiving approval from your teacher.  It is important to remember you must have an 80% correct answer average to be able to shop.

AR Store Hours: 
Students shop once every 5  weeks by grade level.  The store will generally be open from 2:15 p.m. to 2:55 p.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Your teacher will have the class's schedule.

We are excited to be kicking off this year's AR program.  The program is heavily supported by the faculty and the PTO.  Please encourage your "STARZ" to participate in this enriching program.

AR Certification Levels

There are 5 levels.  The emphasis is on reading on or above your reading level.  A student reading books at a lower level than his/her own reading level will not earn points  for those books.

Students must score at least 80% in order to count towards certification.

AR "S" "T" "A" "R" "Z"


"Terrific "All-star" "Remarkable" "Zenith"


3 pts. 5 pts. 10 pts. 20 pts. 30 pts.
SECOND 5 pts. 15 pts. 30 pts. 45 pts. 60 pts.
THIRD 10 pts. 25 pts. 50 pts. 75 pts. 100 pts.
FOURTH 15 pts. 35 pts. 60 pts. 90 pts. 125 pts.
FIFTH 20 pts. 45 pts. 75 pts. 125 pts. 150 pts.




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