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Reference Language Arts Math Social Studies Science All
Holiday & Project Links Laptop Lesson Links
World Book Online Ask Jeeves Search
Desk References SearchTool Merriam-Webster Dictionary
RefDesk Visual Thesaurus
Bartleby InfoPlease 4Kids
KidsClick ALA Websites Your Dictionary
Yahooligans Awesome Library AP Photo
Durkee Library Catalogue Online Encyclopedia Internet Public Library
Funbrain Words Game Goo Thesaurus Tangle
PBS-Word Games Star Words Make your own puzzle
Sentence Machine Funbrain Verbs InfoPlease-Vocab Builder
Sentence Animation StarFall Dictionary Fakeout
Funschool-Letter Matching Funschool-Word Clues Spanish-Opposites
Cuentos Lectura ESL Quizzes
Language Arts e-Books Mystery Net
Enchanted Learning-Themes Folklore Interactive Books
StarFall Bookpop Story Place
Funschool-Following Directions Renaissance Middle Ages
Cuentos Lectura Story Place Spanish
Language Arts-Phonics
Words & Sounds Bembozoo-Letters StarFall
Game Goo Crankphone PBS-Word Games
Clifford-Words Dave's ESL Cuentos
Funschool-Rhymes Quizzes Lectura
Language Arts-Writing/Editing/Spelling
Listen & Write Power Proofreading Enchanted Writing Activities
Spelling Rules Julia's Rainbow Dave's ESL
Funbrain Spellcheck Bright Ideas for Writing Bilingual Writing Ideas
Funbrain Spellaroo    
Language Arts-Grammar
Common Errors Grammar Gorillas Game Goo
Funbrain Words Grammar Blast Funbrain-Plurals
Grammar Quizzes WackyTales Funschool-Plural Animals
    Funbrain-Spelling Confusion

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Funbrain-Line Jumper AAA Patterns AAA Counting
AAA PlaceValue Funbrain-Patterns AAA Comparing
AAA Estimation AAA Placevalue w/ Words Funbrain-Expanded Notation
Rounding Julia's Rainbow Primary Games-Ordinal Numbers
Virtual Manipulatives AAA Money AAA Decimals
More Virtual Manipulatives Funbrain-Change Maker AAA Statistics
eLab-All topics Math in Daily Life KidsUSTreasury
  Primary Games Time  
Math-Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division
AAA Equations AAA Addition AAA Subtraction
Multiflyer AAA Inverse Operations AAA Division
AAA Multiplication Funbrain-Operation Order Cyberchallenge
Figure This! Calculating Crew Pick a Number
Math Jeapordy Mathbrain Hungry Frog-Multilingual
Math-Problem Solving
Medievil Problem Solving Step-by-Step Word Problems Story Problems
Funbrain-Shape Survey APlus-Matho Geometry Virtual Manipulatives
Brain Teasers Online Play  
AAA Geometry Cool Math Tangram Puzzles
Funbrain-Shape Survey APlus-Matho Geometry Virtual Manipulatives
Funbrain-Graphing points Online Play  
AAA Measurement Funbrain-Measure It Virtual Manipulatives
AAA Fractions Funbrain Soccer Funbrain- Equivalent Fractions
  Making Fractions  
ELab Offline
Social Studies-Geography & Culture
World Fact Book Social Studies Resources SSforKids-Geography
Maps Countrywatch Scott Foresman
50 States Animated Atlas Almanac for Kids-Nations
State Capital Quiz Virtual Passport Geography Games
Almanac for Kids-States   Culture Quest World Tour
Social Studies-History
Americas Library History Research SSforKids
Almanac for Kids-history Animated Atlas Scott Foresman
US History Virtual Passport Social Studies Resources
White House History Texas Capitol for Kids  
ELab Offline
Social Studies-Government & Safety
US Government for Kids If I Were President SSforKids-Government
Maps Countrywatch US History
MapTest Animated Atlas White House History
50 States Virtual Passport FBI Kids Page
Almanac for Kids Social Studies Resources Safety School
World Fact Book Scott Foresman Internet Safety Game

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Exploratorium Types of Land EcoKids
Sci4Kids USGS Learning Lab Exploring Ecosystems
Web Weather Garbage Environmental Protection Agency
Weather Wiz Problem Based Projects Environmental Webquests
Weather Watch Ology Almanac for Kids-Environment
Scholastic Weather Watch Volcanic Eruptions Scott Foresman- Earth Science
Disaster Area Frizzle Volcano Blows Eco books- Choose your ending
WeatherLizard Hurricanes Florida's Ecosystem
Weather Forces Storm Center Experiments You Can Do at Home
Weather Wiz Dragonfly Science ZOOM activities
Science-Matter & Energy
States of Matter How Stuff Works Hypermedia Textbook-Matter
Dirtmeister Matter What's in this Stuff? Roller Coaster Physics
InfoPlease-Matter Matter Powerpoint Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab
Chem4Kids Ology Exploratorium
Sci4Kids Science of having fun Experiments You Can Do at Home
Museum of Natural Science Almanac for Kids-Inventions Scott Foresman-Physical Science
ZOOM activities Dragonfly Science  
Frizzle Photosynthesis How Stuff Works Museum of Natural Science
Kid's Valley Webgarden Dragonfly Science Cool Science for Kids
Ology Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab Experiments You Can Do at Home
ZOOM activities Exploratorium Scott Foresman-Life Science
Animal Kingdom Dragonfly Science Museum of Natural Science
Almanac for Kids-Animals National Wildlife Federation Ology
Smithsonian Zoo Food Webs Exploratorium
Yuckiest Website DinoLinks National Geographic-Kids
Habitat Matchup Frizzle Dinosaurs Experiments You Can Do at Home
Animal Diversity Web Ranger Rick Cool Science for Kids
Amazing Human Body Scott Foresman-Life Science Scott Foresman- Human Body
  Skeletal System  
Science 4 Kids Astronomical Science @ Home Astronomy
Excellent Links Dragonfly Science Planet Webquest
Science Links Space Mission Fun Moon Phases
Yuckiest Website Gravity on Planets ZOOM activities
NASA for Kids NASAexplores Cool Science for Kids
Exploratorium PlanetPals  
Sci4Kids Zoom Astronomy Ology
Museum of Natural Science Space Mission Fun Almanac for Kids-Space
Science-Health, Safety & Processes
Science Fair Page How Stuff Works NCES Science Quiz
Excellent Links What's in this Stuff? Science Made Simple (Projects)
Science Links Invention @ Play Cool Science for Kids
ZOOM activities Dragonfly Science Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab
Science of having fun Ology Frizzes Quizzes-All science
Exploratorium Almanac for Kids-Inventions Environmental Protection Agency
  Roller Coaster Physics KidsHealth

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Bilingual Ed Specialists ThinkQuest BBC Interactive
TAKS Online Kids Domain BrainPOP
Video Streaming McGraw Hill Interactive Encarta Quizes
Virtual Filed Trips Homework Relief Citation Machine
GameQuariumJr. Favorite Spanish Links
Primary Games Interactivities by Theme Department of Education
Billy Bear Funschool  

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