Ninfa R. Laurenzo ECC

Ninfa R. Laurenzo ECC







Our curriculum begins with the child……..We encourage children to learn in a fun and interactive environment. Preschool classrooms are set up with learning centers in which children make choices and work together, while developing social skills and building relationships.  Small group instruction is used daily to individualize for the child.

How we spend our Day…        
Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of creative and enriching activities each day.  Many of these include…

* Literacy and Pre-reading skills
* Development of writing skills
* Early math and number skills
* Book and print awareness
* Oral language development
* Science exploration and critical   thinking skills
* Creative expression through art
  (No worksheets)
* Building structures in the block center
* Music and movement
* Daily Enrichment through physical education and music.
* Each classroom has 2 computers, and big screen TV, where our students display the morning announcements

TEA School Profile

About us…Ninfa Laurenzo Early Childhood Center is a Houston Independent School District facility located just south of downtown.  We offer a full day Pre-Kindergarten program to qualifying children that live in the HISD school zone.  Students attending Laurenzo ECC enjoy a variety of educational experiences from specially trained Early Childhood teachers.  Featuring proven strategies, the program at Laurenzo is designed to ensure all students receive a high-quality, child-centered learning experience that positions them for a lifetime of success

Our school is named after a well known Hispanic Houston Icon, Ninfa Rodriguez Laurenzo, who was also known as Mama Ninfa.  When you come to our school…you will feel at home, as Mama Ninfa would have wanted you to feel.

Principal... Carmen Rogina - 205 N. Delmar St. - Houston, Texas 77011 - 713-924-0350  Fax.... 713 924-0390

"First Steps Towards Graduation"